Click’n’tip is a fast way to launch cashless tipping service in your market

Click’n’tip provides a SaaS scalable solution that includes integrated payment system, mobile app and is localised for a particular market.

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What is cashless tips?

Click’n’tip enables a customer to use a mobile app to scan an individual QR code presented by the service provider to leave gratitude with a credit card.
A tip then goes directly to a service provider or the system can be preset to automatically distribute gratitude to the team.

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Benefits of using cashless tips:

For busineses
For service provides
For partners
Better customer experience
Integration with POS systems
Transparency and automation of gratitude distribution
Additional data on personnel performance

Customers tend to leave more gratitude via credit card*

* - up to 50% according to corporate data
Tips hit your account instantly
Customers tend to cover service commission
Tourists prefer to use credit cards for tips
Ready to go scalable cashless tips business for your market
Earn up to 80% of the net economics
Localised SaaS, mobile app and payment solution provided
Perfect way to start earning recurring income from day one

About Click’n’tip

Click’n’tip is a European developer of cashless tips solutions from Estonia

ClickNtip is built by the team that has pioneered local solutions in the Eastern Europe and came together to make a scalable SaaS tipping service with an outlook to expand in Eastern Europe, EMEA, LATAM and Africa.

Click’n’tip is working with Stripe, a leading global fintech company, as a payment gateway

Click’n’tip has processed previous experience to create a lean structure that would incur minimum costs and let Click’n’tip partners to concentrate on building their distribution networks

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